We feel responsible towards our employees, business partners, customers & environment. Our production processes are designed to minimise impact on the environment & providing better place to our employees.

Our sustainability policy includes 3 major aspects Environment, Materials & Social.


Water Water is precious, we are doing our bit to preserve it. Our buildings are carefully equipped with Rain water harvesting systems that allow us to save as well as reuse water for various processes of production.

Energy :  We are reducing our electricity consumption by simply replacing conventional lights with LED lights.


ChemicalsChemicals are essential components of our business & hence we choose them carefully. Chemical we use in our products are safe for workers, consumer & environment. As a responsible company, we encourage new ideas of reducing unwanted chemicals from processes & products. All our products are OEKOTEX certified.

MaterialWe prefer to create products using natural fibers like Cotton, Wool, Jute, Viscose etc. We possibly purchase yarns from one of the best mills in the country. This not only helps comply with our material responsibility and sustainability but allows us to remain at the forefront of durable and sustainable production. 

Social:  We believe in protecting children’s rights and do not allow child labour in any of our units for any kind of operation.We ensure that women workforce is well protected against any kind of gender related misconduct. We do not practice any kind of social discrimination and every one is given equal opportunities and benefits on the basis of his/her capability. We ensure that all local government laws (related to wages, factory layout etc.) are followed in true spirit. We also take precautions against emergencies, for example to prevent any mishap due to fire, all preventive facilities exist e.g. water hydrants, fire alarms, fire escapes, fire detectors, fire extinguishers, water and sand buckets and some personnel are trained as fire fighters to take care of any emergencies that may arise. Our company supports various social causes like promoting literacy, supporting orphanages and charitable trusts.

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