We have grown steadily when it comes to Infrastructural capabilities of our enterprise.

Human Infrastructure

We believe that human infrastructure is the most important asset valued by any enterprise.  From top management to production heads majority of our employees have been with us right from the date of inception. Our workers are like our family, they have remained with us all through. They are not only the driving force behind the success of the company but also the closest witness of our growth story.

Technical Infrastructure

The company has its command over 50 tufting machines, 50 power looms,  60 frame looms, 75 pit looms & 70 stitching machines. The quality remains at the heart of all our production processes and we strive to grow with our customers without compromising on quality and technical efficacy of our products.

Creative Infrastructure

We are a team of young and extremely creative design technologists who constantly update and execute their design resources to remain ahead of trends.

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